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Liposomal C now in store.

So, you've heard about it, is it real? Is it hype? Liposomal Vitamin C... what is it, and what does it do?

In a word, LOTS! Any patient with the misnamed "chronic fatigue" wastebasket diagnosis needs to give this a try. Of course you're tired if that's your problem, but why name it that? Why not strengthen the patient to resist the CAUSE of the tiredness and thereby REMOVE the problem, rather than just label it?

Liposomal C is a potent step in that direction, be assured. There is a reason why high dose vitamin c and IV C therapies are so popular with cancer patients, too. I can't go into detail here, due to TGA regulations, but a little judicious research will soon have your brain humming!

The mechanism behind high dose and lipo C working is a little dense for this late, so please check back soon for something a little more coherent. In short, High dose liposomal C bypasses all normal overreactions the body has to C in quantity because it is encased in fat the body recognizes and loves. It's like a reverse Trojan Horse! There really is a gift from the Gods in there! Once the cell sucks in the fat it wants (and needs) to rebuild itself, VIOLA! an extra special bonus of potent vitamin c, ripe and ready for use. It is NEVER wasted, and forms the building blocks of some pretty amazing immune system chemical compounds.

Your body will make and arm fighters with these building blocks the likes of which you haven't seen since you were young and healthy. And if young and healthy never really described you, well, you're in for a treat.

Not recommended for people with high iron levels, and according to the TGA, medically useless. Pregnant women should use care and tail off gradually if taking it, no sudden stops.

That's really all the warnings needed, and hey, if the TGA calls it useless, that HAS to make your ears perk up, yes?

Catch you all soon!