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Hello, all! Welcome to H2o2 central for Melbourne!


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Hello, all! Welcome to H2o2 central for Melbourne!

   Welcome to all of our new clients joining us for the first time. I'm happy to have you here, and hope to be helping you access quality products for a long time to come.

   I have just expanded our range of Food grade 35% H2o2 in various sizes. We now sell a wonderful probiotic you're sure to like. Obviously, it is safe (Read GREAT) for ingestion. Your gut bacteria will love you for it!

There is also our next gen Colloidal silver to look at, at a special introductory price. Beats the old method of making colloidal silver out of the water! More info on some of the tests this silver preparation passed will be added soon, keep an eye on us...

   If you've stumbled upon us while researching ideas like the 1 minute cure, please feel free to browse our site, as I'm sure the products on sale will meet your exacting standards. No advice or recommendations can be offered regarding treatment, but be assured that our food grade H2o2 (Food grade hydrogen peroxide 35%) is completely clean and unstabilized. Enjoy your research! We can supply you with the needed gear to continue learning and experimenting, all at very reasonable prices.

   We will be setting up shop in Melbourne soon, so please call us quickly if you would prefer to buy from us before we leave Adelaide! 29th of May is our cut off date...