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"Hello, I'd like to share my experience with The One Minute Cure.

I'm very grateful to the author for getting this out there, reading it was a revelation to me in a number of ways. The real excitement started when I got my hands on the food grade peroxide and got into the routine! Thanks, guys!  Please put this up for others to read!

As someone who had previously rid myself of a number of large scale illnesses (including Coeliac disease and a degenerative bone condition) using natural methods I thought I was doing pretty good and that there wasn't much more I could do to lift myself up.


What a boost in the first week! I was actually able to feel the difference even within a few days, and once I got further into the program the benefits made me decide to continue at the high doses for around 8 weeks so far, and I'm STILL trending up! Not so much of the huge lift as in the first week, but ability to recover from exercise, digestion improvements and general mental clarity have improved beyond belief! ( I don't recommend the next part to anyone, but I've got to tell you!) 

The best part was when I went on a fast for 24 hrs and did nothing but pure water, doses of Hydrogen peroxide and gentle movement exercises. Wow. I've never felt so clear in all my life, and the energy that day was unbelievable. I was still going at 1am and felt that wonderful, clean feeling you get when just finishing an excellent sauna session all day.

I'll let you know how things progress for me as I taper down my dose each day, but for now my list includes: clearer skin, more energy, muscle tone and strength improvement, quicker healing time, complete avoidance of ALL colds and flus for 12 weeks even though working around constantly sick people and under large stress, persistent herpes infection down 90% (and still getting weaker) and even my ability to digest pork is better! That last was definitely unexpected but welcome! Mental clarity as I mentioned, is off the charts, too.

My parents are converts, too, using your product; but I'll let them tell their own story later.

Long live The One Minute Cure!!!!



Hi everyone,

My story started about 6 months ago, I was searching for non conventional cures for a type of cancer. I found some amazing information on a website dedicated to the truth about food grade hydrogen peroxide.

I decided to give it a try, to improve my health and well being. I purchased Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (FGHP) 35% about 3 months ago. When it arrived by post I diluted as per instructions 11:1 to make a 3% solution. I used pure natural spring water (Snowy Mountains, when I can find it).

I started my trial with the following:
2 drops of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide into approximately 500ml bottle of spring water, consumed over a period of 6-8 hours (working day). Some days I would have 2 bottles, so twice the amount.

The first four days I did not notice anything different. By day five, I remember waking up feeling well rested and clear minded. During that day as I sipped at my usual bottle of spring water with 2 drops, I felt more alive, more energy. I knew then that this was the real deal.

So, its been about 10 weeks since I began this trial that I don't see ending. My current intake is a little higher now, 6 drops of 3% solution into 500ml spring water. I start as soon as I wake up in the morning, make up a fresh bottle and have a good drink. Withing minutes I spring to life and start my day with energy and enthusiasm.

Oh yeah, I should mention some other things I do with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 3%.

- brush my teeth and use as a mouthwash. I dip my toothbrush into some bi-carb, add 3% solution over brush and bi-carb with glass eye dropper till looks like paste, then brush. It takes a little get used to but wow it works, and no more fluoride.

- use as a disinfectant on kitchen surfaces, I spray a solution of 1.5% FGHP on cutting boards, in the fridge, sinks or wherever you like. It kills ALL viruses and bacteria instantly. I leave on for few seconds then wipe off excess

I could go on forever but you get the idea.

Good luck



Hi Zennan
Thanks again for your kindness in dropping off the H2o2 the other evening. I'm very, very grateful.
The improvement in me has been incredible. My throat had been raw and within 3 hours of spraying with H2O2 felt fine . Breathing has improved and my head feels clear again. Chest is healing as I expel some interesting 'stuff' <laughs> Onwards and upwards!
I shall be in touch later for a session with you in Frankston.
Thanks again


"This one minute cure is an awesome therapy that most people will never know...

This guide made me really excited to find out more about it since I had a family member with Skin Cancer. Using the ingredients described inside the One Minute Cure, my relative’s condition began to get better much to everyone’s surprise!

The One Minute Cure Therapy can be done with more or less than around 1 minute per day. Generally, you will need to get natural oxygenating substances to fight the disease cells in your body. Having witnessed the powerful results of The One Minute Cure, I now know that this cure is for real and scientifically proven to work.

I also tried it out myself and it really works!  I didn’t have cancer but I did have a rash disease on my face that the doctor said there is no cure for.  He said I would have to use a medication for the rest of my life.  I have been using the medication for about 5 years and it would work but the rash disease would reappear.  So I tried The One Minute cure and after about a month of following the book my rash disease was completely gone and never returned.   So I know from first hand this Cure  really works.

It teaches how to use an astonishing cure to heal yourself and your loved ones of disease and *prevent* yourself from getting any disease as well.

My Opinion is that you learn this simple therapy as soon as you can before it’s BANNED by enterprises,pharma-cartels and agencies whose incomes are affected by the
dissemination of this information.

Wishing you good health,



Meet Tyrone:

Cut and paste this into your address bar... He'll explain his benefits from the one Minute Cure... "disease cannot survive in an oxygenated environment" and many other gems. All in a very down to earth, easy to relate to manner. A real world user of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide.