Fermented Organic Probiotic  

Our fermented organic probiotic is, quite simply, the best buffered high dose probiotic we have found to date. It has had great success for every client we have given it to, with effects ranging from boosting energy through better digestion and lessening bloating to tamping down on nausea for a lactose intolerant client who got fed milk by mistake...  

Most probiotics out there are going to have 'buffered' on the label, but this is wildly inaccurate. The buffer is there to stop your probiotic from dying in stomach acids before it does its job and sets up in the intestines to work. Most out there are frauds, and only a small percent (often less than 5%) of what you paid for actually gets where needed and then starting to work..  

Ours has been proven different with over 2 years of user feedback through our clinic. The best way to try it for yourself is to take one cap a while before your largest meal. Do this for a few days and note results. 

If  you wish to try to compound the benefits, see what taking 1 cap per meal can do. If this leads to a larger improvement then continue. If no extra benefit is realized, then drop back to one or 2 per day.

This lets you both economize, and maximize your benefits.   Please keep the product refrigerated, this keeps it useful longer.   Please note: this is a certified organic probiotic powder. Each jar is fermented with wild-strain lactobacillus, so your body can easily absorb the phyto-nutrients, enzymes, amino acids and dense whole-food nutrition in every spoonful.

Ingredients:Fermented soya, mung beans, rice, red lentils, chick peas spirulina, linseed, alfalfa seeds, quinoa, sweet potato, sunflower seeds, millet, fresh ginger, apple powder, asparagus, beetroot, brocolli, cabbage, lemon juice*, molasses, agave. (*lemon juice not certified organic)