Vitamin C plays an important role in the health and function of the immune cells. White blood cells depend upon vitamin C in order to survive and withstand the attack of pathogens and free radicals.

Vitamin C also reduces inflammatory conditions associated with colds, fevers, allergies and the flu. Vitamin C also plays an important role in the production of collagen which is the major constituent in ligaments, bones, discs, tendons and skin. High dose vitamin C has been shown to improve the healing process of burns, cuts, wounds, sprains/strains and broken bones.

Vitamin C has powerful antioxidant properties that protect against oxidative stress against the cell.  Vitamin C helps to protect the arterial walls throughout the body. The blood vessels that are most important and under the most stress are the coronary arteries that feed the heart muscles. It also prevents the oxidation of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Vitamin C also improves lung function and overall oxygenation within the body. Asthmatics tend to have a higher need for vitamin C and doses of 2,000 mg per day lessen the body’s production of histamine and lung associated inflammation. Vitamin C also improves blood sugar stability which is particularly important for individuals with heart disease and diabetes.

Liposomal vitamin C improves absorption rate. Liposomes are tiny “nano-size” fat soluble vehicles for carrying nutrients to the body’s cell. Liposomal vitamin C is packaged like a bodily cell so it passes through the digestive barrier and delivers the nutrient directly to the bloodstream. This has a much higher absorption rate with over 90% of the cells being bathed in vitamin C.

Some experts suggest that liposomal vitamin C is vastly superior to IV vitamin C – an expensive but effective procedure that is done quite often in hospitals and alternative health clinics. Intravenous vitamin C treatments cost between $125 – $160 a session. Typical sessions last around two hours.

A daily dosage of one teaspoon of Liposomal vitamin C costs less than $3 per day and takes no time at all. It does not require a doctor or needles and is very easy and user friendly to administer. This will provide 1000mg vitamin C.

For an individual with no major symptoms or diagnosis that wants good general health: 1-2 teaspoons will be best. Simply take 1 tsp, 1-2 x daily Extreme athlete or individual with major health challenges: 4-6 teaspoons is optimal. Simply take 2 , 2-3x daily In cases of ‘extreme’ disease – like late stage infections, cancer or heart disease: doses of up to 120ml per day have been reported to be effective.

Contraindications would include allergens to the liposomal compounds such as soy lecithin. Individuals who are pregnant, young children and taking blood thinning medications should use smaller dosages. It is always advisable to discuss vitamin C therapy with your doctor before beginning – although most doctors have very little experience with this.

Those with iron overload should understand that vitamin C increases the absorption of iron into the body, especially in the heart where it can cause problems. Ferritin levels should ideally be no more than 150 (in women) and 250 – 300 (for men). If you are above those levels, then please seek specialized advice. Also, wait 2-3 hours after taking the liposomal vitamin C before eating red meat or anything else that is high in iron – if iron levels are high.

Ingredients: Non GM Estrogen free Soy lecithin, purified and energized reverse osmosis water and pure sodium ascorbate.