ProtectME  Natural Immune System Support

Our amazing silver solution is the next generation of Silver.

Move over, colloidal silver, this has been independently verified as more effective in lab tests using some of the most infectious organisms on the planet… even antibiotic resistant staph was no match at 3 parts per million, and your ProtectME silver solution contains 50 parts per million active ingredient in a 5ml serve.

Safe for long term usage and easily assimilated by the body, this silver solution will enhance your immune system and help with many issues by reducing pathogen load in the body.

Regular users have described personal benefits in dental issues, digestion, lung and waste elimination improving with use, overall immunity being better and removal of impediments to healing.

As with all natural products, it is best to start small and establish a base reaction before moving to higher doses. Application will depend upon the issue needing resolution:

For sterilization of wounds, dab on softly or wipe on with fingers after decanting a small amount onto a saucer. For dental hygiene, start with ½ tsp and swish with a little water for at least 30 seconds; whether to spit or swallow will be up to you, as the silver will still have a lot of residual potency. For internal use, start with ½ tsp 1x day and assess any die off reaction. If none, or small die off occurs, drink more water and try 2 x ½ tsp the next day. Build up to 1 tsp 2x per day and hold at that dose for 1 week, assess.

We hope you find it as useful as our many clients who have this in their medicine cupboard. No refrigeration is required, store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Active ingredients: 50ppm ionic silver, in solution.