Consults with our Clinic

Do you want specialized help? You are definitely in the right place...

   Remedy has been helping clients to attain better health for over ten years now, and you can be next!

   Our dedicated team works tirelessly in conjunction with cutting edge doctors and natural therapists around the globe to make sure you get the best care with each consult.

   Not in Victoria? No problem. We work over the phone and send our goods anywhere in AU. We can also see you in person if you can make it Frankston, Victoria. We'd have a lot to discuss, either way:

 - Heavy metal poisoning (without the $$$ price tag)
 - Hormonal balancing
 - Period/menstrual issues
 - Estrogen detoxification
 - Digestive troubles
 - Coeliac disease (one of our team is an ex coeliac. It can be done)
 - Irritable bowel
 - Acid reflux
 - Colon cleansing
 - Weight loss (yes, even if you've tried everything and still can't lose weight)
 - Gaining muscle or strength
 - Herbal remedies for many ailments
 - Dental issues resolution with diet  (Yes, you can. Done it myself)
 - Custom made homeopathic drops
 - Our opinions on whether Cancer is beatable. (only our opinions, of course)
 - Healthy pregnancies and how to do it naturally with amazing diet help
 - Detoxification programs of all types
 - Working with you to cut the common roots of most major diseases
 - Education on why you got sick in the first place... knowledge is power!
 - Wound healing, naturally and safely

   And many more topics. We're only limited by the fact that you haven't told us what you need yet! Please let us know how we can help, and you will be in for a pleasant surprise.

   Our clinic is grass roots, run privately and dedicated to health in all its forms. To protect ourselves from interference in our work we don't give out details before booking. You won't get our phone number unless you're a patient, we dislike being easy to find due to big brother unlawfully causing us hassles and that's that.

  Those who need us will be contacted to book in their consult time asap after purchase, often we will have time the very next week and can have a brief chat while calling you for the booking. If you wish, we'll happily refund you on the initial 'booking call' if you decide we're not a good fit for you, too.

   Head here:   and look for
   '1 hour Health Consult' near the bottom of the list. We'll be in touch very soon!


Mon - Fri: 10AM - 5PM